About Us

Lowbrow art is an underground art movement with origins in hot-rod street culture, punk rock music, underground comics and other subcultures.                                             

The roots of Lowbrow art can be traced back decades to Southern California hotrods "Kustom Kars" and surf culture. Ed "Big Daddy" Roth is frequently credited with getting the Lowbrow art movement underway by creating Rat Fink in the late 1950s.                         

While Lowbrow art grew in the 1960’s as a product of its political and social times, a revolt against academic conceptualism, it has negotiated and thrived into the 21st century. It remains an unassuming mix of possibilities, open to flux and dedicated to beautifully polished works. Lowbrow art captures our imaginations and jump starts journeys into wide eyed, candy colored and sometimes darkly disturbing worlds of artful madness.  Museums, art critics, mainstream galleries, etc., have largely excluded Lowbrow art from the fine art world.  The movement doesn’t care if the traditional “art world” recognizes it as art at all.  All that maters is the art and the appreciation of it.                                              

Lowbrow Art Company works with some of the most talented, prolific an unconventional artists of our time. These artists bring their own sense of passion, vision, depth and emotion into their art.                   

We have the opportunity to bring it to you on apparel, art prints and canvas giclee’s.